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Female masturbation continues to be a taboo subject within the African communities. Even a lot of African men are still embarrassed to admit they masturbate or even talk about masturbation, because historically masturbation was sadly linked to sexual perversion.

Some people feel a party for one is a sad party, but for me personally , this is usually a party I have never regretted attending. Masturbation has some amazing health benefits in every sense. We are talking about mental, physical, emotional, social and even numerous beauty benefits that all women really ought to know about. I have often said when my kids reach a certain age; i would quite happily teach them about masturbation. I know this usually doesn’t sit well with some people’s cultural and religious beliefs and moral standards, but for me it is a case of encouraging self-love, and the kind of parenting I deem very necessary.



Masturbation is a normal, enjoyable and healthy experience. But the struggle is that in many of our traditions, female sexual pleasure was never encouraged or valued. In some cultures, enjoying sex as a female was a sign of promiscuity, and this is why some went as far as vaginal mutilation to stop women from enjoying sex, believing that it would cause them to remain faithful to their husbands. We have come so far , and these days many African men genuinely want to pleasure their women sexually, but we still have to put the taboo subject of women and masturbation to bed and realize that actually when women experience more sexual pleasure, everyone around them feels the positive effects and benefits too.


Women always talk about self love, but sometimes we do not fully appreciate that we deserve the love we give to others. Just as much as we want to sexually please our partners, we should want the same satisfaction for ourselves too, and feel comfortable giving it to ourselves and exploring our amazing bodies. So, dim the lights, burn some candles and hop into bed , with your sexy lingerie even (why the hell not), put your favourite music on, grab a toy or two and let’s make love to ourselves, because we are so worth it!


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Here are 10 reasons why every woman should masturbate on the regular:


  1. It helps you sleep. It’s true a good old book before bed can help you go to sleep, but personally i don’t think many books out there are written to physically and emotionally relieve tension and exhaust the body, like orgasms can. More and more people are experiencing sleep disorders due to the excessive consumption of knowledge in modern times because of the internet etc, and more and more people turning to drugs , both prescription and recreational , to aid sleep. But masturbation is free, 100% safe and effective. Sleep is so much better when we feel more relaxed and satisfied. You feel calm and relaxed after masturbation, making you fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling fresh.


  1. It relieves stress. It’s funny how sometimes when people are stressed; sex can be the very last thing in their minds. Some men won’t even bother trying, convinced they won’t even achieve an erection. Many women tend to want to have sex when they are in a sexual mood, and when stressed they want sex a lot less. But when stressed, sex and self-stimulation can definitely help make you feel more relaxed and turn off the day, just like yoga or a massage. The advantage masturbation has over the latter is of course the fact that you can do it independently without anyone’s assistance and it costs nothing. Masturbation is an awesome way to unwind.

Women who experience more orgasms and greater frequency and satisfaction with masturbation or sex are known to have greater resistance to heart disease and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.


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I believe masturbation can help with depression too. I often get tempted to ask people walking around workplaces looking all stressed out, whether or not they are masturbating regularly. I guess you could call me a concerned citizen.


  1. It makes you fun. I am so fed up with people who just walk around looking like they are practicing their coffin look, and depressing us all. Get some pleasure and save us all from your negative energy. It’s really that simple. Orgasms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which can improve your mood and create a natural high. Who needs drugs when you can make your own? For single people looking for love i would encourage regular masturbation because pleasure will not only feel fantastic, but will also make you appear happy and fun to potential suitors.

No one wants to hook up with a miserable looking person. Masturbate and walk with a spring in your step, whistling around and smiling at strangers, spreading positive vibes. You will become magnetic my friend. Even when you are celibate actually, and do not wish to be coupled up, masturbation will still help you release sexual tension, satisfy your libido and help your body stay sexual.



  1. It can improve your sex life.

Masturbation can significantly increase your sex appetite. The more you explore your own body, the more you will discover new exciting and interesting ways to achieve sexual pleasure, and the more likely you will wish to experiment those with your partner.

Knowing your body in this way can make you more confident in bed and more vocal with partners. Once you figure out what you like, you can tell your partner where to touch you. It is very liberating and makes us feel unashamed and unapologetic about getting sexual pleasure.



  1. Let’s talk about body confidence Sis. In this instagram and snapchat age, and overwhelming percentage of women suffer from insecurities about their bodies, which really is tragic. Your body should be your best friend it’s one of the only things that will be with you your entire life. Exploring your own body can help you appreciate it, learn to love it and accept that it is perfectly made. It is extremely important that women have an appreciation of their own anatomy and how to self -pleasure. Some women only feel sexy when their bodies are desired by others, but imagine if they could learn to desire their own bodies through this magnificent art of masturbation. Their confidence would literally be mind-blowing.


6.Masturbating can ease body aches and menstrual pain. This one is by far my favourite, as I can speak from experience that masturbation saved me from monthly agony. i cannot explain this in medical terms as my research concluded that the research behind this benefit is relatively limited. However, from personal experience I believe this really does help. Ladies, some of you may be pleased to learn that it is perfectly okay to masturbate while on your period. Personally I believe that the easing of the menstrual cramps is not only from masturbating while on your period, but is from generally masturbating regularly.



Either way, it’s more fun than a heating pad and a lot of women are more aroused during their period anyway. So even If it’s not for the cramps, it is at least still good to know you can have non-stop pleasure all month.


  1. Masturbating is the most effective and reliable birth control and STI prevention

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What can you catch from masturbation except feelings for yourself? I absolutely love knowing that I do not have to hook up with random people and get all messed up with their energies, just for sex. I can simply do myself anytime and maintain a healthy spiritual life.

Masturbation has absolutely zero negative effects. Nothing bad can happen from doing it – you can’t catch anything, you can’t get pregnant, you’re not going to get sick. It’s the best thing out there as far as a feel-good vice that isn’t going to have any negative repercussions.




  1. Masturbation takes care of your vagina

Female masturbation helps prevent cervical infections and relieves urinary tract infections. In fact, the desire to masturbate can be strong for a woman with UTI and with good reason, because masturbating can help relieve the pain, lubricate the vagina, and flush harmful bacteria from the cervix.

In post-menopausal women, a narrowing of the vagina can make sexual intercourse and pelvic exams painful, but masturbation, particularly with a water-based lubricant, increases blood flow to the sex organs. This can help relieve moisture problems and prevent the narrowing of the vagina. When a woman orgasms it increases the pelvic floor strength.

There is increased blood pressure in the clitoris. The muscle tone, heart rate, and respiration increases and the uterus go up from the pelvic floor, thus increasing pelvic muscle tension and strengthening the entire region.

  1. Goodbye wrinkles and bad hair days

An orgasm raises the levels of estrogen in your body, and this can aid prevention of aging skin and help maintain the appearance of youthful skin. That post-sex glow ladies. Now you can give it to yourself and save some money you spend on all sorts of beauty creams. For healthy hair, nails and skin, i recommend regular orgasms. Easily achieved all by yourself, but of course you can masturbate in the presence of your partner. It’s a turn on.


  1. It feels freaking amazing. What more can I say?


Lorraine Lionheart is a sought after  songstress and the host of the Tasso Podcast.

Follow her on Instagram- @lorraine_lionheart

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